About Us


Simmons Financial Services Pty Ltd was established in 2000 as a result of a perceived need in the associated accountancy practice (established 1980) for financial and investment advice to clients, not merely the selling of financial products and managed funds which most financial planners were doing at the time.

Simmons Advisory does not, and has never, offered margin lending or agricultural investments to clients.

Background information for Michael Simmons, Director

Michael David Simmons B.Ec FCA FCPA (FPS) SSAud CTA Financial Planning Specialist
Registered Tax Agent

Michael holds a degree in Economics, is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, is a Fellow of CPA Australia Ltd and holds a CPA Financial Planning Specialisation, is a Chartered Tax Adviser, is a member of the SMSF Association and is a Licensed Financial Advisor, ASIC # 258936.

Michael is bound by the Ethics and Standards of his Professional Associations in relation to dealing with and advising clients. He has been in the financial industry for more than 30 years. Michael offers a comprehensive service to his clients, not a narrow selection of investmtents.

Michael is also an Accredited Quality Reviewer for CPA Australia. This means he reviews other accountants' practices in relation to the adequacy of the systems applied in performing their work, and ethical and risk management matters in their dealings with clients.

Michael also currently conducts the Ethics and Risk Management modules for CPA Australia's Public Practice Residential Program, which is the requirement candidates must complete in order to obtain a certificate to practise as CPAs.

As well as continuing Professional Development activities, these memberships ensure Michael is up to date with the latest taxation, superannuation, investment, legislative and industry trends, so as to be able to pass these on to clients and advise clients in relation to changes.

Approach to Advice given:

The underlying theme to Michael's approach to financial advising is to help clients decide how they want to spend the rest of their lives, to agree planning assumptions related to the likely cost of that lifestyle and then to help them prepare a plan which, when implemented, will make the best use of their resources towards the achievement of their objectives. Typically, this involves helping them with investment planning, tax minimisation and risk management. The specific investments chosen is given less importance in order to take account of client preferences.

SFS is a family business:

Helen Simmons, to whom Michael has been married for 37 years, is administration manager of the SFS companies and is responsible for the design and implementation of quality control systems.
Clients of Simmons Advisory deal with Michael personally. Michael deliberately keeps client numbers manageable so he can do this.

Michael is available to see clients personally, on request, and at any reasonable time of day. He is also available on Saturday mornings, but by appointment only. Contact can be made direct on his mobile phone - 0416 058 330 or email michael@simmfin.com.au.